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hiya, im new, and i wanna run over one of my main theories wit u guys.

People go to church all the time, some everyday, most on sundays, others just on religeous holidays. Its an event where you sit in uncomfortable benches, drowning in dust. Adults sit in a daze, kids, as suttley as they can, play on gameboys, and teens purley wish they were somewhere else, barely anyone is actually taking in a word the priest is saying, they just go in fear. They fear that they'll be punished should they not go.
Jesus never went to church, he went out and performed miracles, explored all angles of the world, and most importantly, shared his love. I beleive that god, if he exists at all, would want us to be out, fighting for a cause we beleive in, having new experiences, and living out the life he blessed us with to the full.

What do you think?
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